AOE72 || Summoner Wars Monster Review Chloe the Fire Epikion Priest

(UPDATED) Summoners War Hack Tool

A quick review of the best shield maker – Chloe the Fire Epikion Priest!

Another great monster to open any battle with. ‘Fanatic’ grants the team with the ‘invincibility’ & ‘immunity’ buff in a single turn, wasting the enemies turn to hit fast with nukes and crowd control abilities whilst allowing your own team to set themselves up for a counter regardless of their speed. Because of this, its vital for her to go first so you want to build her with a ‘Swift’ rune set. However when stronger runes are available, switching to violent is not a bad idea as it will help ‘Fanatic’ cool down faster provided you can get more than 200 SPD on sub stats. If you struggle for speed, having a ‘Will’ rune set will help protect you until she gets her turn.

If the battle extends longer than intended to, Chloes shield can provide other healers the chance to cure ailments and reunite the team to gain the advantage. She also has a small AOE heal herself but it’s not effective unless maxed out.

Though she gained popularity through her supreme shield & contributes nothing else other than a average heal, she is not to be underestimated and will compete for a place in your main team.

If your still not convinced, take her to battle with her best friend – Katarina – the Wind Valkyrja (farmable through fusion), and watch them combine their power to cripple their opponents.

Her sisters, Rina & Michelle are naturally 3* monsters and since you will come across them more often than not it will be wise to use them to level her skill sets rather than the rarer devilmons.

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(UPDATED) Summoners War Hack Tool