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Summoner Wars is the exciting card game of fantastic battlefield combat that puts you in the grandiose role of a Summoner
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=====Raid and A Game Experience=====
3D action Challenges your skills and edit maps to take on opposing players. One game, two experiences.

=====Team Formation and In-depth Tactical Strategy=====
Become a Summoner, pick from hundreds of creatures to fight alongside you on icy plains, amongst lava, and in forests. Freely move on the map, attacking enemies directly and summoning creatures to fight alongside you.

=====Build Maps, Eliminate Enemy Raiders=====
Use map tiles to piece together a path. Add guardian creatures and traps, easily produce a Star Isle map.
Forest, Temple, Desert, Volcano, Snow, and Night; six themes to choose from. Join now to play!

=====Unique Roles for Your Creatures=====
Hundreds of creatures available for you to use in battle, each with unique roles. The agile assassin, the area-effect mage, the meleeing destroyer, the helpful healer, the rallying drummer, etc. All waiting for you to summon to battle.

Creatures on your team also give summoners’ skills. Regardless of whether it’s an attack, auxiliary, healing, or enemy-disturbing skill, they are all useful in their powers.

Lastly, there are hundreds of unique equipment in the realm for you to enhance your summoner. Go and collect monsters and equipment to become the most power being!

=====A Multitude of Creative Modes=====
A story-based PVE campaign against the corrupting powers of Chaos, Star Isle Assault and Defense, BOSS levels, Secret Treasure Levels. The game is filled with content for you to enjoy.

=====Star Isle Competition=====
Participate in battle against other player’s maps. Earn ever-higher ranks, get exciting rewards and levels!

Extra chance to earn high star rating creature fragments to boost your collection!

=====Guild Teamwork at Work=====
Join a guild and become one of the globe-spanning summoners to fight towards a common goal. Unlock guild objectives to help your guild to thrive. Participate in guild vs guild battles and march towards glory!

(UPDATED) Summoners War Hack Tool