How to quickly gear alts and farm augment runes

(UPDATED) Summoners War Hack Tool

To do this you
-to queue solo.
-either a tank or a healer for quick queues and to generate satchels.
-higher than average item level to increase success rate and decrease time logging in and out.
-relatively quick load screen times (SSD helps).

Summoners War Get Free Crystals. Want to know how to gather crystals the fastest and best way possible? Watch this video on getting free crystals and learn the best way to get crystals.

Yes, I spend money on Summoners War and I have bought crystals and packs because I wanted to. I made this video, however to show how you could get crystals for free. These tips are hopefully helpful to new players and a refresher for seasoned Summoners.

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(UPDATED) Summoners War Hack Tool