Summoners War Evolve & Farming Tutorial

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Feeders required for one 6*
5x 5* (5x 4* max lvl)
20x 4* (20x 3* max lvl)
60x 3* (60x 2* max lvl)

Method (Part 1)
1) Make 5x 4* max lvl
2) Make 20x 3* max lvl
3) Make 60x 2* max lvl & evolve them to 3* to further
evolve the 3* max lvls

Method (Part 2)
Lets say main monster is a 3*
1) Max lvl main 3*, make 3x 2* max lvl, evolve to 4*
2) Max lvl main 4*, make 4x 3* max lvl, evolve to 5*
3) Max lvl main 5*, make 5x 4* max lvl, evolve to 6*

Which map you farm will depend on what monsters you have.

The recommended solo mob that is Farmable is fire inugami.
(Passive Get an extra turn if you kill the enemy)
Fast kills with high damage.
30-60 sec per run in normal/hard mode in Faimon

Fire Inugami Rune Builds

For Fatal/Blade
Runes 2/4/6: Atk %

For Vampire/Energy(Or Blade)
Runes 2/4/6: Atk %

For the Rage/Blade
Runes 2/6: Atk %
Rune 4: Crit dmg
(Substats for crit rate MUST add up to at least 90%)

2x EXP Farming Guide

1) Save up (or buy) at least 3000 crystals
(You might need up to 5000 crystals if you are farming Hell Mode
and clearing them really quick)
2) Make sure you have 3 days free of work/sch/whatever
3) Buy 3 days 2x exp and start farming
4) Use your crystals to refill energy throughout this 3 day period
One run in Faimon Hard will give 2552exp per
mob. That is A LOT considering the fact that you
clear it in less than a minute!

You can make up to 5x 6* monsters in 3 days if
you clear maps fast and if you don’t sleep much.

I would totally recommend that you take a
break once in awhile though, don’t die playing
this game :p

You will get plenty of hellhounds and some
more fire inugami and salamandars from
faimon, so use them as feeders.

Use your unknown scrolls to summon more
feeders should you run out of them.

Fire Inugami method is just one of many, and it
is the most basic method.

For higher tier players who have AOE ranged
monsters, farming other maps at Hell Mode
would be a lot faster!

E.g. a Lushen (Wind Joker) would clear Aiden
Forest Hell mode without much difficulty


– Build Crystal Mine and Crystal Titan (Save up for them, it is expensive at first, but VERY worth it if you are going to play this game for months!
– Check achievements and clear maps, you get crystals for clearing them!
– Complete the friend invites!
– Trial of Ascension gives crystals at every 5th floor (5th/15th/25th and so on) Clear stages to get your rewards!
– LOGIN you get a decent amount of crystals at the end of each week, and a light/dark monster on the last login day of the month!
– Fight ALL rivals in arena
– Complete daily quests EVERYDAY
– Rank HIGH in arena, make sure to be fighting in arena the last 1-3 hours to maintain your rank! (Aim for 3 gold stars, it is a good average ranking for crystals, 250 per week is pretty decent!)
– Participate in ALL events that gives out crystals as reward
– DO NOT spend crystals to buy mana, DO NOT spend mana buying average runes in shop. ONLY buy god-like runes, anything else is not worth it.

If you are at the early stage of the game, i recommend you be patient and take things slowly. Trying to earn crystals fast at the start will get you no where. Focus on making one strong 6* first (Fire inugami is a good start) then build others. DO NOT spend so much time making 3* naturals to 6* as most of them are not worthy.

Many players ask


Here’s a tip, go to arena rankings and view the top 100 players kingdom and see what mobs they have, those are what you should be working towards. If you get a new mob and you want to know if it’s good, see how many people are using it. If you rarely see anyone using it, chances are, it is of no use later on.


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(UPDATED) Summoners War Hack Tool