Summoners War Rune Guide | The Ultimate Rune Guide for Beginners

(UPDATED) Summoners War Hack Tool

If you want to know EXACTLY how to run ANY monster, you need to check out this video! In it I cover everything you need to know about runes from start to finish.

The first 26 minutes, I cover each rune type, what it does, and where it’s most useful along with a real world example. If you want to skip into when to sell, keep, and roll a rune, you’ll want to skip into the video. Here’s some shortcuts since it’s such a long

0:00 – Each type of rune set effect, when to use it, and where to get it
25:56 – Rune slot mechanics, how each slot works and their limitations/quirks
33:47 – When to sell, keep, and/or roll a rune
46:43 – Quick tip for how to know what runes to use on a master

I also mention an amazing website for figuring out what runes to throw on your monsters if you’re not

This is a long video – but I hope you find it immensely helpful, this is what I wish I had when starting out!Let me know if you have any questions – and be sure to drop a comment and subscribe if you enjoyed it and let me know what you’d like to see next!

(UPDATED) Summoners War Hack Tool