The Fuse News Ep. 70 Here’s How to Spend Energy to Make Energy

(UPDATED) Summoners War Hack Tool

We’ve got some *crispy* new entries for the Low Cost Cosplay event, and you can get energy and more refunded during our special Refund Event! All this and more on the Fuse News ep. 70.

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Summoners War is an action-packed fantasy RPG with over 100 million Summoners around the world! Summon over 1000 different types of monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena!

✩ Strategic Gameplay
✩ Over 1000 mons to collect
✩ Dynamic Guild Battles
✩ Real-time Raid
✩ Real-time PvP
✩ Endless Fun!

Summoners War is available in 16 different
English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Português, Español, Italiano, Türkçe, Русский, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Tiếng Việt, and ไทย!

Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.

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Weitere Spielverständnis / Theorycrafting

Wenn ihr auch kurz vor einem Level Up seid, wie ich in diesem Video, dann behelft euch doch mit diesem netten Exp Trick 🙂

Bei Fragen, stehe ich Euch gerne auf meinem Stream zur Verfügung.

(UPDATED) Summoners War Hack Tool